April 2018 – Magic and Romance in the Air When Springtime is Here

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Great Reasons to Travel in April

While April isn’t one of the most popular months to travel there is something to be said for choosing this particular month for your getaway. Not only are we starting to see warmer days in April, we are also treated to the first hints of spring. Even more important in regards to travel, you’ll notice that the cost to vacation is a little less following the busy spring break period and prior to the summer travel rush.

This makes what could be a not so exciting month, the perfect time to get out and see the world and have some fun, for three reasons:

  1. Warmer Weather = More Options – If you tend to travel in the winter months you likely look for warmer destinations specifically. By waiting until the weather gets a little warmer you can expand that list of possible places to visit and still enjoy some mild weather.
  2. Cheaper to Travel to Top Destinations – Because many popular destinations slow down after spring break and snowbirds start to head back to their home states you will likely see more deals. By travelling in April you can go to one of those highly sought after destinations without paying an arm and a leg like you would in March.
  3. Less People Traveling Means Smaller Crowds – If you have ever travelled to some place warm like Mexico, Florida, the Bahamas, or the Carolinas early in the year you know how large the crowds can be because everyone is trying to get out of the cold. Avoid all the chaos by moving your vacation to April instead.

Another thing to note is that in many cities around the world the arrival of spring also brings some fun events that you can attend. Everything from flowers and strawberry festivals to carnivals and outdoor events start to pop up and give April travelers something to do. Below is a list of some areas that have a lot going on during the month. Discuss them with your travel agent to decide on the best April vacation destination for you.

April Travel Destinations

Chicago, Illinois – Cubs fan or not, there is ample to do in Chicago in April. Not only does the opening day at home come in the beginning of the month, but there are always great restaurants ready for the post-spring break travelers and a plethora of events to enjoy. The city has so much to offer year-round, but April is great because it isn’t as busy.

Kyoto, Japan – If you’re looking to get a little further away from home. Japan has much to offer in April. In Kyoto, the heart of the country, you may get the opportunity to take in the spectacular sight of the Cherry Blossoms blooming. Events during the month are plentiful as well as it is a popular Geisha dancing season. End your trip with a visit to the Sagano Bamboo Forest and you’ll have a memorable vacation for sure.

Austin, Texas – Austin is known for its early arrival of summer and by April it is already considerably warm but no too hot. While the biggest music festival is held in March, there are still plenty of musical performances to be enjoyed any time of the year. Crowds are small and ir is more economical in April, allowing you the opportunity to see more shows.

Morocco – April is a fantastic month for weather in Morocco as well. This romantic country has beautiful scenery, great shopping, and endless adventure to offer throughout the year but the mild conditions during this month make it even more enjoyable. Marrakech is a popular destination with incredible markets that sell lovely local wares to take home to remember your exotic vacation, one that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Whether you are looking for a popular vacation destination, a quiet place to relax, or somewhere tropical to warm your bones it is the perfect time to travel.

Fewer crowds, less expensive accommodations and activities, warm weather without sweltering heat… What more could a seasoned traveler ask for?! Contact your travel professional for more great destination ideas and to get a head start on booking your exciting April vacation.