August Newsletter – Places to Stay Cool in August

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Vacationing in August

While some people picture themselves on a beach cooling off in the ocean on a hot balmy day in August. Others prefer to get out of the heat and visit destinations with lower temperatures and plenty of summer fun. As it turns out, there are quite a few popular summer destinations that have very mild weather. In many of them, you will find most of the activities you would find in warmer cities that are still quite busy when August rolls around.

Whether traveling with family, taking a romantic vacation, or getting away for some much-needed time for yourself there are places all over the world that offer a reprieve from the heat. If you enjoy lazy days by the lake, being out on the water, hiking, and evening BBQs then consider the following cool weather places as an alternative for your end of the summer vacation.

Where to Go During the Warmest Month of the Year

Not every travel worthy destination is hot in August. In fact, while it is summer time in some places, in other parts of the world it is actually winter. Other destinations are simply far enough north or located in the right proximity to mountains to stay much cooler during the month of August than those closer to the equator. Either way, there are many destinations with plenty of activities and cool weather to choose from for your end of summer dream vacation.

Summer Vacation Winter Wonderlands

Your first option to beat the summer heat is to vacation in a part of the world where it is winter in August. You don’t have to forgo all the summer fun just to enjoy milder weather either. Ask your travel agent about the following perfect getaway destinations:

  • Chile – Chile is actually an amazing place to visit during the winter if you want to be kept busy, enjoy good food, and love outdoor activities. Festivals abound during this time of year, including beer and fashion festivals. The country is known for its cuisine, which features many savory soups and stews made with fresh Chilean vegetables. And the skiing is fantastic, with vast landscapes and outstanding ski resorts. With high and low temperatures in the 60s, it’s the perfect place to cool off in August.
  • New Zealand – For endless outdoor activities and numerous ski resorts to choose from New Zealand offers the ultimate cool getaway paradise. With temperatures hovering around 60 degrees the weather is nearly perfect during the month of August, it’s also the perfect weather to enjoy soaking in one of the many natural hot springs. From the views to the activities, a trip to New Zealand will leave you with plenty to do.
  • South Africa – Much of South Africa gets as much as 12 hours of beautiful sunshine each day during the month of August but the temperatures tend to stay in the 60s most of the time. This provides for a perfect safari opportunity without the heat. The best whale watching opportunities occur during this time as well. Add to that the fact that you can spend some time in Cape Town without having to deal with the heat. You can see why this is the best time to visit this mesmerizing country.
  • Australia – The mild temperatures in Australia in August, along with the lack of rain and humidity and the fair amount of sunshine, make for nearly perfect weather, with the northern area being the best in regards to temperatures. When visiting during this time of year you’ll also have the opportunity to ski the Australian Alps, a fantastic way to cool off for sure. This is also a great time to enjoy some of the world-class shopping that Melbourne has to offer without having to do it in the summer heat, which can be fairly extreme at times.

Summer Destinations with Cool Temperatures

Your other option for taking a much cooler summer vacation in August is any one of a number of places that maintain mild temperatures either year-round or at the very least during the summer. While the weather may be a little warmer than those places that experience winter in August the air is still cooler and the fun is there to be had. Discuss any of these places with your travel agent before it’s too late to beat the August heat.

  • Denmark – Denmark is an extremely popular tourist destination, particularly Copenhagen, where even in the hottest month of July the temperatures don’t get much over 60. August is even a little milder, making it the ideal time to enjoy all that the city has to offer. In Copenhagen and other parts of the country you will find activities and sightseeing opportunities galore, with breathtaking architecture dating back as far as the 16th century, beautiful coastlines and forests, and even a Legoland amusement park.
  • Norway – This fascinating country boasts stunning natural scenery any time of the year but particularly in the summer months. With average temperatures around 65 degrees, it is the perfect time to enjoy island hopping in Oslo Fjord and to spend some time by the cool, refreshing water. If you get lucky you may actually even be able to see an early showing of the Northern Lights, which will no doubt be the highlight of your summer vacation.
  • U.S., Alaska – While we tend to think of Alaska as simply cold, the summer temperatures are generally very mild, hovering around 60. This doesn’t take away from being able to enjoy the much-loved winter activities either. From skiing to dogsledding there is plenty to keep you cool. The best part is you can include Alaska as part of a cruise and have that guidance there to really help you enjoy all that the state has to offer.

While beach vacations can be a whole lot of fun and leave lasting memories sometimes you just want to get away from the summer heat. Any of these places offer plenty to see and do and the opportunity to beat the heat. Whether you want to explore a new culture, cool off by the lake or sea, or simply find someplace quiet to spend some time your travel agent can help you book a vacation destination with plenty of activities and cool breezes.