December 2017 – Winter Getaways

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Where to Go for a Winter Getaway

It is very well known and universally understood that certain times of year are considered “off-season” when it comes to traveling. Although you might enjoy visiting certain places during peak times, if you give the slower season in any given city a chance, you will find you can often save a considerable amount of money, avoid huge crowds, and experience a destination in a completely different light than you’re might expect.

With the winter season just around the corner, travelers have several options. Some like to get away from the cold, while others embrace it and all the exciting activities that you can only enjoy once a year. Either way, it’s time to start planning now before the hottest places, both figuratively and literally, are booked up. Your travel professional is the first place to begin your explorations.

Best Place to Enjoy a Winter Wonderland

An out of the ordinary winter destination is Upstate New York. For many, it is difficult to believe that New York consists of more than just the city but rest assured, there are miles and miles of New York that are natural wonders.

To be sure, the city has much to offer in the winter as well. We’ve all seen or heard about the excitement New York City offers in the winter, with holiday decorations, and Central Park in the snow, but if you’re looking for the kind of fun that involves nature then you’re looking in the wrong place.

A good portion of the Adirondack State Park sits at the more northern end of the state and it is a winter haven like no other. Unbelievable skiing, cozy cabins with fireplaces to warm your bones next to after a long day, and great restaurants in many of the quaint little towns is all you need to experience winter in a completely different way.

Lake Placid, former site for the winter Olympics not once but twice, is also home to world-class skiing as well. In fact, you can even ski on the same slopes graced by famous Olympians. The resort town has plenty of great lodging options, whether you’re looking for rustic or five-star and the shopping is something to look forward to as well.

From skiing to snowshoeing, hockey and everything in between, winter sports abound in Lake Placid and all the Adirondack park. Your travel professional can help you book the ultimate Adirondack vacation that will leave you with lasting winter memories to enjoy.

A Warm Haven to Get Out of the Cold

What those who live Miami Florida may consider cold in the winter months, is to many of us, just your average mid-summer day. It is true, it does get a chillier in Florida during the winter, but one can hardly call it cold. If getting out of the snow is your plan, then Miami may be just the place to go.

You’ll find it’s hit or miss as far as getting deals during the winter because the travel industry knows that people try to escape the northern cold. You won’t pay any more than you would during the summer and if warmth is what you want you’ll certainly find it worth your while.

Miami is known for many things, spectacular views of the Atlantic from almost any vantage point, five-star restaurants, a spectacular night life, and all types of marine sports. The area is so diverse that it’s important to decide what kind of vacation you’re looking for before deciding where to stay.

South Beach is where you’ll find the vibrant nightlife with all kinds of clubs from exclusive to more laid-back spots. The coast is where you want to be if a marine adventure is what you’re aiming to enjoy and is also where you will find the best seafood restaurants.

Regardless of which area you decide to stay you will have numerous options at your fingertips, within Miami as well as only a short distance away. Your travel professional can help you find the world-class hotel of your dreams and in no time, you can be out of the cold and soaking up the warm Florida sun.

Summer time is generally thought of as the ideal traveling season but there is something to be said for taking a trip when most people are staying at home. Planning a getaway at a time when many people are a little down, thanks to the weather is a great way to avoid the dread of the season. Winter can be just as much fun as spring, summer, and fall – it just takes careful planning, some creativity, and the genius workings of a fantastic travel professional to help with the planning of it all.