February Newsletter – Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway Destinations

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Loved One

Long before Valentine’s Day arrives you’re sure to see all sorts of gifts suitable for your special someone but why not go all out this year and give them something they really need and something they will absolutely love. What better way to celebrate your love on this dedicated day than a little romantic getaway??

Whether you decide on a weekend trip or an all-out vacation there are plenty of places to spend the holiday that will inspire rest, relaxation, and most importantly – romance. Where you go all depends on what kind of atmosphere will do the trick. Do you prefer to get cozy next to a fireplace someplace cold or would you rather soak up the sun in your bikini on a spectacular oceanfront? The possibilities are endless but we’ll give you a few ideas to help get your decision-making process moving.

Getting Cozy in the Cold

Nobody ever said that beaches are any more romantic than places dusted with snow, with the sun glistening off each individual flake and a warm, cozy place to end the day. In fact, some might say this setting is even more inspiring in the romance department and there are more than a few places that will set the mood just right. A couple of ideas will give you something to bring to the proverbial table when you’re ready to start discussing your Valentine’s Day getaway with your travel agent.

  • Denver, Colorado – Colorado is growing in popularity when it comes to travel destinations and what better way to see the state and enjoy the romance of the picturesque scenery than from its most well-known city. The views from anywhere you stay in Denver are sure to be spectacular and the city is known for its diverse offering of great restaurants at which you can share a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.
  • Montreal, Canada – Not only is the language of love still spoken in this beautiful yet frigid city but it provides for the perfect opportunity to cozy up with your special Valentine. The city boats multiple quaint bed and breakfast and inn establishments with timeless romantic settings for the special day too.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The city of brotherly love, or in this case the city of Valentine’s Day love, has plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy together and an unbelievable food scene that is well worth exploring. Although downtown consists mostly of branded hotels there are a few smaller gems to be found that are more on the quaint side and will provide for a much more romantic experience.

Each of these cold weather cities will make you want to cozy up together and they offer plenty to see and do at the same time. Considering many people look for warmth during the winter you may be able to find deals in February. Ask your travel agent to help you put together the perfect romantic getaway in any of these fascinating cities!

Heating Up the Romance in Warmer Weather

There is something to be said for visiting warmer climates during the winter months, particularly if you’re coming from someplace cold. Either way, there are many romantic cities with warmer weather that have a lot to offer, and often at lower prices than peak season, which is usually during the spring and summer. Ask your travel agent about any of the following warm weather romantic destinations or you can see if they have any suggestions of their own.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana – Filled with mystery, smooth jazz, and delicious cuisine, New Orleans can inspire romance in anyone. Walk hand in hand and take in the scenery and you will have everything you need, then end your day in one of the many charming bed and breakfasts that line the historic streets. Romance is always in the air in New Orleans, but particularly during the romance season.
  • San Francisco, California – The weather is always spectacular in San Francisco, which results in year-round offerings in the way of outdoor festivals and events. The city kicks it up a notch during the Valentine’s Day holiday season with several events that celebrate the special day, such as special wine tastings and gourmet chocolate tastings. End the day with a spectacular view of the bay and you have yourself the perfect romantic getaway.
  • St. Lucia, Caribbean – Who doesn’t want to get away to the Caribbean, especially during the winter time? The views from almost any of the unique lodging options you can find here are amazing, the water is crystal clear, and the music is mesmerizing and offers a superb opportunity to get close to your lover. Combine all that and you have the romantic vacation that nearly everyone likely dreams of.

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to get out of the cold weather, even if only for a weekend or a few days. Whether you want a beach vacation or simply a warmer climate with all of the excitement of the city, there are many options for getting warm and heating up the romance at the same time. Your travel agent can help you choose your perfect warm, romantic destination!

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year and there is no better time to show your significant other how much it means to be able to spend some quality time together. Set the new year off to the right start with a special Valentine’s Day getaway!