November Newsletter – Thanksgiving Travel Destinations Perfect for Kicking Off the Holiday Season

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Giving Yourself a Vacation to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving may not seem like a good time to travel but if you want to kick-off the holiday season with a special experience this year it is the perfect week to get away. Many cities throughout the U.S. feature holiday festivities, both those that revolve around the Thanksgiving holiday itself as well as those that mark the beginning of the festive season as a whole. And don’t forget how big football is on Thanksgiving Day.

Whether you prefer the traditional Thanksgiving feast or are open to new possibilities of cultural and location-based traditions, regardless of who you’re traveling with or what kind of weather you’re hoping to experience – there is a destination for your perfect holiday celebration.

A list of a few of the best places to spend Thanksgiving will help you in deciding where to kick-off the beginning of your holiday festivities.

From Thanksgiving to the Holiday Season – Where to Experience it All

It may seem like it’s a little early to start thinking about the holidays but in some places around the world it really still is the greatest time of year. In these places they see Thanksgiving as the kick-off to the season. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting at this time you will find yourself mesmerized by the happy transition from one holiday to the next. A few prime examples of these festive cities include:

  • Plymouth, MA – Plymouth is very well-known as the birth place of the Thanksgiving holiday and here you can get a taste of what the very first celebration was like. Not only is it a great learning opportunity for children but a great experience for history loving adults as well. At the Plimouth Plantation you will get the rare opportunity to go back in time to see 17th century re-enactments and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
  • New York, NY – There is doubt you have seen the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on T.V. at least a time or two in your life. And one can only imagine how grand it must be in person… Treat yourself and those you love to a once in a lifetime experience by seeing the parade in all its glory. Top it off with a fabulous Thanksgiving feast at any one of a number of famous New York restaurants that are serving dinner on this special day.
  • Waikiki, HI – In Waikiki you can find a number of world-class resorts that offer a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner and what better place to enjoy a meal fit for a king or queen? The weather is beautiful and Waikiki sees less rain that other areas of the islands at this time of the year. It is also much quieter, which makes for great relaxation. You will get the bonus of seeing the holiday parade the day after Thanksgiving, which is a great way to get in the holiday spirit.
  • Chicago, IL – If you like incorporating the festivities of the holiday season into your Thanksgiving celebration then there are few better cities to visit than Chicago. It all begins the day before Thanksgiving with the annual tree lighting ceremony, followed by a Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then on Friday the Art Institute of Chicago’s “wreathing of the lions” ceremony. In between you will find caroling, ice skating, and celebration parties.
  • New Orleans, LA – In New Orleans you will find unique traditions and lots of excitement. Along with the Bayou Classic Thanksgiving Day Parade you will also find live music galore and feasts of all sorts. Home of the Terducken and known for its unique fusion cuisine there is no better place to enjoy a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. As an added bonus it is the perfect time of year to enjoy the exciting nightlife too.
  • Detroit, MI or Dallas, TX – Football is a huge event on Thanksgiving Day, with the two main games almost always taking place in Detroit and Dallas. Even if neither are your team surely if you’re a football fan you can appreciate the significance of the Thanksgiving Day game. You may have to reserve early and do some research on where and what you can enjoy for your Thanksgiving feast but if you’re lucky you will get to spend the day enjoying one of America’s most loved events on this special day.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner with family is something many Americans have enjoyed year after year but changing it up a little from time to time doesn’t hurt. Whether you want to take the time to learn about the traditional holiday’s beginning or you want to see how other cultures celebrate and make the holiday their own, there are plenty of places throughout the U.S. to enjoy the holiday.

From popular festivities to unique traditions, there is something out there that will set your holiday spirit off just right. Talk to your travel agent today to book your Thanksgiving getaway of a lifetime.