October Newsletter – Scary Cool October Getaways for the Whole Family

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Looking for something fun to do with the family this October?

The month of October is full of exciting events that everyone in the family can enjoy. With the weather becoming much milder, and the arrival of the spookiest season of the year, there are endless opportunities to get out and have a good time.

Depending on where you live and how far you’re willing to travel you can opt for the best Halloween haunts, a beautiful exploration of nature at what some might say is its finest season, or even a secluded getaway where you can enjoy a nice fire and some quality family time. However you choose to enjoy the season, your travel agent can help you find the best deals and the best places to go.

Two Ways to Enjoy October

  1. Exploring Haunted Destinations – Those who say that all of the fun happens during the summer months must not have had the opportunity to explore some of the nation’s best haunted destinations. Whether you’re looking for the perfect road trip opportunity with a little paranormal activity on the side, or you’re prepared to travel across the country to visit some of the scariest cities in America, there are plenty of options for you when it comes to haunted locales.
  2. Taking in the Fall Foliage – Not everyone lives in an area where the leaves change to vibrant beautiful colors and even if you do, there are certain places that offer particularly splendid fall scenery. The foliage, paired with the surrounding setting of a hillside in the distance or of the wide-open countryside all around you, will provide you with the perfect setting to enjoy the autumn beauty.

Haunted Destinations to Explore – From the west coast to the east coast there are plenty of haunted destinations to explore. Choose one of the following or ask your travel agent where their favorite haunted destination is and start booking now!

  • Salem, Massachusetts – If you’re into scary cities and things that go bump in the night Salem is the place to be. A city that totally embraces its haunted past, Salem offers much to do for those that love fear. Learn about the infamous Salem Witch Trails at the Salem Witch Museum, visit the Crow Haven Corner witchcraft shop, take a haunted walking tour, or tour the Jonathan Corwin House, which has real ties to the historic Salem Witch trials. There is plenty to do to get your adrenaline rushing in this town if fear is what you’re seeking.
  • San Francisco, California – From Alcatraz to a haunted Chinatown to the nearby Winchester Mystery House – the San Francisco area is filled with haunted and paranormal activity. Because of its very haunted past that is the result of such events as an earthquake that killed in upwards of 3,000 people, the presence of many infamous Alcatraz prisoners, and the extensive death of Chinese immigrants the city offers a number of haunted tour opportunities that you can attend if you decide to visit this scary cool city.
  • Chicago, Illinois – Two separate and very deadly fires are only the beginning of the many reasons for Chicago being such a well-known haunted city. The presence of Al Capone and his gangsters and the havoc they wreaked in 1929 also adds to the violent history of the city, where you will find a haunted hotel, a haunted cemetery, and a haunted theater that will chill you to the bone. There is also a unique spooky kayak tour and numerous walking tours that will instill lasting fearful memories as well.

Best Places for Fall Foliage Tours – Anyone can appreciate the vibrant color changes that come with fall and there are plenty of places your travel agent can book you in to if you want to take in natures autumn beauty.

  • Vermont – One of the best places to see fall leaves change is in Vermont and what better city to visit than Montpelier. Here you get the best of both worlds, fantastic scenery and a quaint, picturesque city. Have your travel agent book you at one of the lovely bed and breakfast spots or a historic hotel and spend your time hiking and enjoying the splendor of nature in the fall.
  • New York – While New York is home to a bustling city it is also known for its beautiful natural surroundings. There is no better time to visit the more rural parts of the state than during the fall foliage months. Whether you want to stay in the city and venture out for tours or lodge up somewhere more off the beaten path, your travel agent can help you book the fall foliage trip of a lifetime.
  • Tennessee – The rolling hills of the Smoky Mountains make for a beautiful backdrop for the vibrant fall foliage you will find here. From Gatlinburg to Nashville there is plenty to do and see. Take a drive through the mountains, spend a day exploring history and music in Nashville and do it all while being surrounded by colorful trees. Ask your travel agent to help you book the perfect place to start your leaf peeping adventure.

There is no reason October has to be any less exciting than the summer months. With Halloween just around the corner and the leaves already starting to change there are so many opportunities to have some fun and continue to enjoy nature before the real cold weather arrives for the winter season.

The U.S. is known for haunted cities and beautiful natural scenery during this time so why not get out and enjoy everything these cities have to offer to the adventurous and the nature lovers at heart. Find out the best places to stay and how you can best enjoy autumns bounty by contacting your travel agent today.